Not to be confused with Wolfdog.
      Not to be confused with Do-wolfdog.


A regular Wo-wolfdog. Notice that his fur is lighter than the Wolfdog.

Wo-wolfdog is a hybrid among hybrids, which means it is the cross between a hybrid and a normal specimen, in this case a wolfdog and a wolf. Wo-Wolfdogs are sterile because of their highly-mixed genes. They have what people like to call "cousins", the Do-wolfdogs, which are much more rare.

Habitat & LifeEdit

These hybrids among hybrids live in the center of the Xentric Forest, where packs of wild wolfdogs (about 40% are domestic, the rest is wild) and regular wolfs meet and mate. Since they are very similar, they usually do not treat them as other species and thinks they are exactly the same.

When a female wolf or female wolfdog gives birth (in which the father is a male wolfdog or male wolf , a wo-wolfdog is born. Their fur are a mix of beige instead of black/grey like their progenitors.

They live in small packs (not like their parents, witch prefer larger packs) and cannot mate with other wo-wolfdogs because of their sterility. Their favorite habitat is the center of the Xentric Forest, just like other canids.