Titan compared to Earth and Moon

Comparison between the normal Earth, the Moon (left top corner) and Titan (bottom left corner).

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn.

People of Xentrica were the first humans to reach Titan and Saturn. The first man to touch Titant's ground was Zeck Arm and the first person, in this case, a woman, to fly over Saturn's gas was Elizáa Burg.

Organisms on TitanEdit

Titan had a prehistoric intelligent race known as Titanians. They were civilized, yet had become extinct about 20 Million years after the extintion of the dinosaurs. Some astroarchaeologists and astrogeologists believe that it was two asteroids that had made the Titanians extinct, since there are two giant craters on the moon's surface. In Gregorian 1967 (Earth time), some Europans were captured by unknown aliens and placed on a space vessel that had crash-landed on Titan. The Europans colonized it over a long period of time and lived deep below the surface in the subterranean oceans. They survived on unidentified species of fish placed on the planet by the unknown aliens. Later, the Titanian Europans regained successful contact with the Europa Europans, and later established contact with Earthlings.

There were no other life on Titan besides the Europans, the unidentified fish species, and other Europan organisms until Gregorian 2213. The Xentricanese Space Exploration Corporation (XSEC) confirmed in Gregorian 2212 that Titan had contained water below the surface. The XSEC was capable of detecting this water with some specially designed machines, which were also capable of mutating some of Fanon's life into organisms suitable for Titan's environment. The first human colonists on Titan were from the Eurasian Alliance member nations.

Now, Titan is inhabited by Europans as well as Tarcho humans (mutation of Xentrica's Archo humans), which are the largest animals on the moon, and some mutated microorganisms known as Archaevolvares. The Fanononian organisms are being kept in Titan Base A until the plants and animals can be sent out into the surface.

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