The Sun, which also is referred to as Sol, is a main sequence solitary star and the largest celestial body in the Solar System. All other objects in the Solar System revolve around the Sun and are affected by its gravity.


The Solar System is home to a wide variety of organisms, which range from self-reproducing molecules to super-intelligent animal or animal-like organisms.

There are a few celestial bodies in the Solar System that house an entire biosphere of organisms. These celestial bodies include Earth, Luna (Earth's Moon), Mars, Europa, Titan, Rhea, ''Ganymede, 'and Pluto.


Earthling organisms have diversified considerably after the last few eras. Numerous phyla exist, and more and more are discovered every day by Earthling Humans. Six Kingdoms of animals exist: the Animals, the Bacteria, the Plants, the Archaea, the Fungi, and the Protists.

The most dominant and widespread genus of organisms that originate from Earth are the Humans, which are referred to by the Martians and Europans as Earthlings. Humans are also the most intelligent of all organisms that originate from Planet Earth.


Luna is the only moon of Earth. Organisms were brought to the moon long ago by humans while they had officially colonized it.


Long ago, prehistoric organisms had thrived on Mars. They were protected by a layer in the Martian atmosphere that had produced effects similar to those of Earth's ozone layer. The biosphere was at its greatest point of biodiversity in a period known by the current Martian Intellects as the Gifted Age. Ecosystems similar to Earth were made up of producers, consumers, and decomposers who had ultimately depended on their environments to survive. The environments were governed by tectonic features, weather, and different organisms themselves.

After millions and millions of years, nearly all of the life one Mars after the Gifted Age had been extinct.

Resources of the SunEdit

  • Heat
  • Radiant Energy
  • Plasma


  • Some extremely advanced Heat Generators are powered by Plasma from Sol. It is said that these generators can power heat missiles that could burn entire countries to ashes, but they were instead used to heat up Pluto.