Special Administrative Territory of Zwihelsk
Zwihelsk flag

Dependent to:

Bloclavian Republic


Zwihelsk (звихельск)


Ykpaihan, Polish, Blokranian (additional)

Date of Foundation

29th of September, 2977


Platyn (плaтин)

Head of state

Time Zone

UTC +2 (summer time UTC +3)

The Special Administrative Territory of Zwihelsk (blok. lat. Spjecajalny Adminijastratywnyj Rjegjon Zwihjelska, blok. cyr. Cpeцаяльный Администратывный Регён Звихельская), often just called Territory of Zwihelsk is the only territory of Bloclavia. Zwihelsk has its' own legislature, but is de facto part of the great republic and cannot represent itself in Europe. They also have a very big autonomy in many matters, such as different passports than Bloclavek, for example.

The territory was established from two former skupiecs - the Zwihelsk skupiec and the Zytomir skupiec. Creation of the territory made lots of space for people who didn't want to use Blokranian as their primary language. Instead, the Territory of Zwihelsk uses two primary languages and Blokranian as additional. The languages are Bloclavian Polish and Ykpaihan. Most of people, who didn't switch their languages with Blokranian. In here, both Polish and Ykpaihan may be used everywhere. Statistics say, that 86% of B.Polish speakers in Bloclavia are inhabitants of the Zwihelsk Territory. This also applies to the 95% of Ykpaihan speakers in the same country. Since its' creationm (in 2977), the territory managed to establish its' own history, culture and traditions. That's why lots of people from all over Bloclavia arrive here and study their culture.