Sapeia Dragons are dragon people living on planet Thyrost. Most are travelers, nomads, or gypsies, while some live in a single settlement such as flowerdune outpost. They are all quite powerful, so newborns are left on a sacred location nearby for 7 days and 7 nights so they can gain knowledge of controlling their powers.


A female sapeia dragon.


These dragons were once celestial spirits, but their power was so great that they had to be imprisoned in this form even though their intentions were benovolent. They are mischievous and helpful to those who care for the earth, and grudging to those who harm Thyrost.


  • Flowerdune outpost
  • Rywood city
  • Bellton camp
  • Mt. snowfeather
  • Oceaneous
  • Exotica Archipelago
  • Mt. Hukapele
  • Gotherin
  • Luxyn
  • Riennos
  • Hexwind
  • Celestia
  • Gardenius
  • Resko