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Robotech IslandEdit

Robotech Island is an ancient island floating in the Ocean. A malfunctioning robot was placed there, along with 4 other robots. One robot, known as E-114 MK 1, had been created to colonize forests. The robots, made for different reasons, began to colonize the island. The island, over the course of 10 years, had become a robotic wasteland,


E-114 had done the most work, he had taken down several forests. The technologically advanced robot, E-105, had made it futuristic. However, E-105 had locked himself in the upgrade chamber for weeks. E-114 was very smart, as well. He had made an animal underground, where the animals would live. He was crowned king of the island. But an angered robot, E-101, locked himself into an upgrade chamber. E-114 had control of the civilization.

Near DestructionEdit

E-114 had created an army of cheap robots known as E-00. These robots were cheap and easy to destroy, and the upgrade chamber had a green light and beeped "Done". A large, powerful, E-105 was turned into a stationary deffense unit, and was placed as a defense system to E-114's home/factory. E-101, however, emerged as a horribly scrambled robot. E-101, angered by being turned into a monster, wrecked half the city. He was destroyed by E-105, and E-101 exploded.



S.H.A.D.E, or Super Hostile Atomic Defense Energy, is a strange creation, fired out of weaponry. When fired, it fuses with the bullet, and makes the target easier horribly injured or completely non-existent.


Mecha are the only reason E-101 did not destroy more than half the city. Mecha are tall, humanoid robots that are controlled from the inside. They are tall and very powerful.


Robotech Island has several weird laws... due to them not knowing much about humans

NO use of public facilities without signing a form saying you can do so (This presented some problems when making the treaty with Amethyst)

LISTEN to military and leader robots (One of the few that makes sense)

DON'T kill eachother.

IF anyone from Amethyst comes, treat them aswell as E-114.

NO suicide (Makes sense)


Robotech, alligned with Chi Con battled for the freedom of Bulsa in Operation: bulsan destruction and Operation: Save Bulsa, E-101 was dismantaled by Chi Con int he war.

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