Randa is a colony of Chi Con. It specializes in culinary arts, and serves as the leading world power for food trade in Fanon.


They serve the best food in the Fanonian Americas! Fruits, vegetables, meat, agricultural products, you name name it — Randa has mastered them all. They serve supper for their Militia, making them healthy for combat.


Randa does not have a military, as it is protected by the armed forces of Chi Con. The colony does have a militia, though.

AK 22Edit

This powerful rifle that shoots 60 bullets a minute, although it overheats shortly after ignition.

KA 11Edit

The KA 11 is a type of rocket launcher that only holds one rocket at a time.

Light Spears KS2000/KS3000Edit

These extremely sharp spears tear through human flesh, and even bone as well! Two models exist: the KS2000, which is extremely sharp and deadly, but has poor resistance; and the KS3000, which also extremely deadly, yet has considerable resistance and little sharpness.

TX 22Edit

The TX is an efficient rifle that shoots 240 bullets a minute and rarely overheats.

XT 123Edit

The XT 123 is a relatively small pistol that is held with 1 hand and shoots 30 bullets a minute. This weapon never overheats.


Randa is populated by approximately five million humans.


At least $20 is made every day by the average worker. At least $400 is made a week in mints.

Earth equivalentEdit

Northern Canada


  • Randa is not independent from Chi Con.

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