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Quanta-Earth (also known as Quanta-Terra and Earth 3.0) was a project by the inhabitants of Earth, to get a re creative Earth using quantum physics.

The earthlings' goal there was to create a new human race who would be less trouble to rule than the current one, that they decided to re-start evolution from scratch, and control the process to there own specifications; as a result of this, at its current level of advancement, it has Dinosaurs; and the humans have shown no further interest in advancing the evolution of Quanta-Earth.


It was created in a Black Hole, along with Quanta-Mars, Quanta-Venus, Quanta-Mercury, Quanta-Jupiter, Quanta-Saturn, Quanta-Uranus, Quanta-Neptune, Quanta-Pluto and Quanta-X. They reversed the way a black hole was created and used a Quantum Physics Xeno-Engine to sustain the newly created quanta-sun and the quanta-system. they then terraformed the planet,added flora through enviro-pods,used genetic bio-pods to recreate the fauna of earth and to see how they would evolve in a Quantum physics enviroment.

Life formsEdit


the crust is 3 times harder than Earth's, and the tectonic plates are less. It is 170 km on land and 95km under the sea.


The magma is harder than Earth's but still liquid.

lava is four times as common here.

Outer coreEdit

It consists of molten, bubbling, liquid metal-mostly iron, bronze and nickel and the temperature is roughly 150 degrees centigrade.

Inner coreEdit

It is pure molten iron and nickel at 300 degrees centigrade.


It is really hot, roughly the same as Earth in 75 million BC.


It is still covered with 96 % water, but is 5000 meters deep.


Main article: Quanta-Moon

Quanta-Moon has lower gravity than Earth's Moon and is has volcanic dust breathing life-forms in the craters.


The atmosphere is:

Apart from these differences, it is virtually the same as Earth.