Pluto is a Dwarf Planet in the Solar System. It is inhabited by 500 Chi Con colonists.


Chi Con governmental space organizations sent a few spaceships to Pluto in 2027 in an attempt to terraform the dwarf planet. The dwarf planet was found to be way too small to be able to gain an artificial atmosphere, so the spaceships landed on the surface and began to initiate a backup plan. This plan would involve the construction of huge colonial and arcological complexes that would surround the entire dwarf planet. Factories in the spaceships began constructing robots, which would leave the ships and commence the paraterraforming process. These robots began building structures that would serve as expansions to the Chi Con colony that was formed on the ships.

The construction robots had failed to surround the entire dwarf planet with worldhouses, yet did manage to construct a successful colony. The colony continues to mine resources from under Pluto's surface, and maintains a productive economy.


Chi Con's colony on Pluto has an efficient economy, yet is poor in establishing much contact with Chi Con. The colony will soon die out if deficient food is brought to the colonists.


Titanians had managed to colonize the dwarf planet long ago, and very few remain on the planet below the surface.

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