Mayana (Mteskrito: Mayana, Tresborito: Mayavianao, Muiskito: Kalapa Her K'Halea, Bajajino: Majanci) is a nation located in the Fanonian continent of North America. It was formed in 2026, after a native tribe from along the western coast of the Gulf of Mayana rebelled against foreign rule. It has grown to become one of the most powerful nations in the world, with a total population of 493 million.

Mayana Republic


Weaverlivaes anuvi Gerunaiess (Freedom for All)


Iveniasza gua Mayana

Capital (and largest city)

Venerizaercuza (pop. 6,500,000)


493,290,843 (3023 census); 499,419,339 (3026 estimate)


Mteskrito (official), Tresborito, Muiskito, Bajajino


This country was established in 2026, in an area occupied by officials from the European Federation and immigrants from Earth. The people were left on the continent without proper living conditions and were abandoned by the European Federation. The immigrants, which descended from Italy, Portugal, Ireland, India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia, and other countries of planet Earth, had formed numerous diverse tribes with governments based partially on those of their progenitors' countries. The officials from the European Federation did not treat the population very well because of their disloyalty to Earth, and had claimed the land to be part of the European Federation in anticipation for space vessels from the European Space Agency to soon arrive. After months of survival off army rations, livestock, and hunting, the officials had began to believe that the European Space Agency would not arrive. They then immediately stopped their oppressive regime towards the immigrant populations, and left the people to form their own governments. Some descendants of European officials still live in the area today.

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