Marentica is a small country on the border of Fanonian Europe and Asia. It is the home country of chocolate and tin.


There are about 50,000 people in the country. Immigration is scarce so population increase is dependent on reproduction.


Marentica has a rare form of government called a plutocracy. A plutocracy is a government where the richest inhabitant of the said country is the leader.


The nation's population speaks a language by the name of Marentican. It is a mixture of English and French. Some words in Marentican include:

  • Hello = Salôn
  • Bye = Adeon
  • I = Jie
  • You = Soutous
  • We = Sounous
  • He = Ele
  • She = Ale
  • They = Dils
  • Good day = Bon douré
  • Good night = Bon nouré
  • Marentican = Maretecôn


Marentica is such a small country that it consists of only four cities. Three of its cities, Marenous Fanon, Vitousé and Seon Croide, are far north. It's southernmost city, Cheaudôn Vills, is detached from the mainland and is on the southern coast of the Fanonian Caspian Sea.


The capital of the country, Vitousé, is the largest city of Marentica. One of the world's largest carpentry factories is located in this city.


  • Chocolate
  • Tin


  • Crystal