The Krestel Mach 2-SA

The Krestel Mach 2 is a light-weight, innovative, sniper machine rifle invented by the minds at Mectrixctic. The gun lacks most parts from a conventional gun, yet still delivers the features. It's ideal for beginners and experienced soldiers - it takes P-90 ammo, fires 5 shots every 2 seconds, or it can fire a single, stronger shot every 5 seconds though a switch, when automatic fire is not desirable. There is virtually no recoil, and it is silent and flashless. The main downside is it's reloading - it requires you unplug the stock, places in the new bullets, plug the stock back in, then shake the gun. It has a scope that can switch between range extension, night vision, and heat vision, and a knife bayonet.


  • Krestel Mach 2-X: A version without the scope, no knife bayonet and with a smaller ammo capacity.
  • Krestel Mach 2-SA: All the features.
  • Krestel Mach 2-C: A version with a chainsaw bayonet, but no scope.
  • Krestel Mach 2-WS: A variant of the gun with most features, but chambers the .243 WSSM magnum round for extra velocity and power.


The gun was named after the predatory Earth bird, the Krestel.