Future Earth
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Ishan is a alien crystal that in the future, consumes Chi Con in it and The Brotherhood takes over Chi Con.


Ishan is very valubal, it is basicly a diamand! A single Ishan cyrstal is worth more then 'Five Hundred Diamands. Ishan caused the Ishan Wars and the Finale War between GDI and The Brotherhood. This shows how valuble it is, as four wars were fought over it.

Wogan addictEdit

Wogans seem to need Ishan to survive. They have seeded hundreds of planets and killed the beings living on the planet. Fanon was the only one that wasnt attacked by the Wogans, as The Brotherhoodw as defeated before Chi Con became over saturated in Ishan. Despite the fact it is very saturated with Ishan, Wogans dont think its enough to invade.


  • It is a parady of Tiberium.