Isakean is the language of Isakii. It is a Northeastern Fanon-Slavic language. It had developed from Old Isakean, a language in with English and Russian backgrounds. Isakean had a massive vocabulary change from Old Isakean, but it is said by some linguists that a speaker of Isakean can still understand Old Isakean, and even more fluently vice versa. It is also known as Isak or New Isakean.


Cyrillic Isak: Ивяростаче педетийтал иквал виет.

English: Everyone deserves equality.


Isakean uses one alphabet, Cyrillic. Old Isakean uses a modified Cyrillic alphabet.

Old IsakeanEdit

Old Isakean is not much different from Isakean. Instead of using the Isak Cyrillic alphabet, it uses a modified version. When it was converted to New Isakean, it had a massive vocabulary change.