Idas is a star that is of a considerable distance from planet Fanon, housing the second most diversified branches of life known by humans as of Gregorian 2116. It has been colonized by different intelligent life forms from the Solar System, but has no intelligent life forms of its own.


Idas is known to be first discovered by humans during the twentieth century on planet Earth, and its name has been changed numerous times as a result of language diffusion by different races of intelligent life. It was not considered to be a star system capable of sustaining life until further investigation was made of it in Gregorian 2028.

During the Gregorian 2030s and 2040s, human scientists from numerous branches of philosophy and physics started to develop increasing interests in this star system. Idas was further explored by human technology during these years and was discovered to have numerous forms of life, sparking even more interest in the star system and the concept of extrasolar life.


The Idas star system has a few planetary systems, all of which contain life. Below is a list of them all.

  • Oposolox
  • Idriania
  • Obernion
  • Zorlom
  • Givviate
  • Nord
  • Boranga
  • Doroxnab
  • Unebb