Fronta Galaxy

The rings of Fronta System.

The Fronta System is an artificially-produced star system located a reasonable, yet not exceedingly considerable distance from the Solar System.


Its creation had commenced on 20 July 3030 by a group of space explorers known as Expa.


When the Expa team was exploring some asteroids in the space, using an Interstar, or an interstellar transportation unit, they had reached a potential area to produce a mechanical star system. First, they used tractor beams to bond liquid iron masses, which they had thrown off their Interstar, together. Once they had reached a sizeable mass and volume of accreted iron masses, the Expa had created a giant iron figure that was later moulded into a sphere. The Expa then placed other chemicals onto the iron sphere. This sphere was colonized and manipulated over time. Soon, other similar artificial bodies were formed, and they, too were manipulated. These bodies were now considered true artificial planets that moved around in artificially-warped space-time to prevent catastrophes such as collision.


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This is a list of the main Expa members who had created the Fronta System:

Celestial objectsEdit


These are the main planets in which Humans live and prosper. They artificially create life forms with third millennium technology to sustain an ambient equilibration.

Dwarf planetsEdit

Alien at Minima III

The alien drawn by Gregg Fegg.

These are relatively large celestial objects that are too small to be planets, but too large to be asteroids, comets, or meteoroids. Most of them in this star system are completely unexplored and there are reports of alien life; when Gregg Fegg visited Minima III, he saw a never-before-seen alien creature. He quickly grabbed a pen an draw it. Explorers are trying to confirm that other Minimas also have aliens.

The dwarf planets are represented by green dots.

  • Minima I
  • Minima II
  • Minima III
  • Minima IV
  • Minima V
  • Minima VI
  • Minima VII