Commander Fretz

Full Name

Matti Joaah Fretz


Commander Fretz

Date of Birth

1st July 2000

Local of Birth

(unknown country), Earth

Current Location

Baytown, Xentrica





Languages Spoken

XentricaneseSlang Xentricanese



Commander Fretz (born Matti Joaah Fretz), nicknamed "Komandah" (Slang Xentricanese) is a popular Xentricanese cybernetic commander.

Early lifeEdit

His exact location of birth is unknown. It is just known that he was born on Earth, taken to Earth 2.0 when it was discovered, got brainwashed and "programmed" to be a soldier. By the word "programmed," it is meant that the mechanical part of his brain was manipulated, alternating his personality just a bit, yet not in any way influencing his free will and overall personality.

iMiz Walkii CEdit

After Fretz had negotiated a deal with the Xentriphone company about the iMiz phone product, Xentriphone agreed to develop the iMiz Walkii C for Fretz. The iMiz Walkii C is a highly technologically advanced cellular phone equipped with radar and XGPS capabilities (a most remarkable difference from other phones is that the iMiz Wlkiii C does not use regular GPS capabilities). Later, for the Xentricaneês Ekard Munment par Soultirs (Xentricanese Award Moment for Soldiers), Fretz ordered a special edition of the phone, the iMiz Walkii C Gold, totally covered with gold and 4 cm larger.