Camper Seven was an Isakii military black operation, executed by Black Ops Team Camper (Isakii military shortcut ID: BOT-VK407).


After the 2040 Xentricanese Invasion, a Syrian cargoship headed toward Greece, containing a piece of a bomb guidance system from the Bulsan War era. However, due to tensions between Xentrica and Isakii, Xentrica seized an opportunity to obtain Isakii tech, which is the bomb system. On December 14, 2040, Xentrica sent a boarding team to commandeer the ship. The Xentricanese Specops units that boarded the ship killed everyone on board, including all 18 military guards and 36 civilians. This weakened Xentrica's relationship with the United Plutocracy, as the Syrians were UP citizens. Isakii, in response, sent three black ops teams to reclaim the ship. The first two teams failed their ops, and ended up being killed by the Xentrican teams. The third team's helicopter malfunctioned and ended up fly to North Aferga, only to be misidentified as a Red Beret (a North African militant force) gunship, and shot down by an AA rocket fire. On January 08, 2041, Isakii declared a state of conflict with Xentrica. Xentrica moved the ship towards the Nile Fan where Xentricanese imperialist forces in North Africa could intercept and defend the ship. The final assault by Isakii was led by a unit dispatched by Camper Seven, in which units from Camper 5, 6 and 7 engaged.

What HappenedEdit

January 04, 2041 - 4:35 AM - Mediterranean Sea - Nile Fan - 33 04'34.56" N 31 15'22.38" E Team Camper dispatch, Unit 7 "Camper 7" A gunship helicopter carrying a team of eight troops hovered above the ship and fast roped all units. It was then detected and shot down.