The CA-24 Stinger is a TA Stinger converted for military use. Using Technical Aeronautics's TA Stinger jet, a team of Isakii military engineers successfully remade it for ground attack purposes. Like all TA Stingers, it is a two-seat aircraft. After the Isakii Military made Stinger was evaluated, it started production in 1995 in factories owned by Technical Aeronautics, with requested upgrades, like more weapon compatible hardpoints and an internal gun. It entered service in 1996, but was phased out by 2004. It was replaced by the CA-24E Super Stinger, which is wider, longer and faster than the original stinger. It is carrier based, thus getting the letter "C" in the designation.


  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 55FT
  • Width: 43.25FT
  • Height: 17FT
  • Powerplant: 2x TA Military-Grade Rt2 Turbofans
  • Maximum Speed: 1,065MPH
  • Range: 2,100 Mi
  • Ceiling: 41,225FT


  • 1x TA Ax37/3 37mm Autocannon (37x238mm, 600 Rounds Per Minute)
  • Up to 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders
  • Up to 21 250 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 14 500 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 8 1000 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 4 2000 Pound Bombs
  • Up to 21 AGM-65 Mavericks
  • Up to 21 AGM-114 Hellfires
  • Up to 7 AGM-154 JSOWs
  • Up to 8 AGM-119 Penguins


  • XCA-24 X-Stinger: Initial conversion project result. Built by the Isakii Air Force. First flew in 1994.
  • YCA-24 Y-Stinger: Second aircraft built by the Isakii Air Force. First flew in early 1995.
  • CA-24 Stinger: First aircraft built by TA.
  • CA-24A Stinger: All aircraft built by TA after the first TA made military stinger.
  • CA-24B Stinger: TA built Stinger with upgraded radar system (RAD/AB-4 Tactical Air Radar).
  • CA-24C Stinger: TA built Stinger with aerial refueling capability.
  • CA-24D Stinger: Military upgrade package that converted some C and B models to have improved air intakes.
  • CA-24E Super Stinger: TA manufactured CA-24D with stretched body, different engine, and new generation tailfins.

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