Bulsa is a European country that was taken over by German and British forces. It no longer exists, though.

Bulsa, highlighted in blue.

Take OverEdit

On September 17, 2016, Germany and the UK decided to invade the war torn countries of eastern Europe. Since they had no official military, it was easily taken over. The only problem was that even after the takeover, there were still militants in the area, which assault innocent inhabitants with AK-74s and other weapons.


The primary language(s) of the country are German and English. Other languages spoken are Greek, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Croatian and Serbian. Recognized regional languages are Greek and Bosnian.


The military of Bulsa is composed of 24,000 troops. The air force is composed of Eurofighter Typhoons and Tornado jets.


The capitol of Bulsa is Resen, which is also the largest city. Other places are very small and shanty like, because of the mass amount of poor people living there before the takeover.


Chi Con attacked Bulsa to free it from British and Germans, they have taken back 20% of the 100% and arent getting more, they are to far away for any more troops to be sent. It failed and Bulsa was recaptured after Chi Con was forced out.


Bulsa fell from existance during the Third World War. Already torn from Operation: Save Bulsa and Operation: Bulsan Destruction, British and German forces couldn't hold a government there anymore. Now, countries like Yugohungaria and The Republic of Greece and Turkish Minorities exist there.

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