• ChordSectorθ

    Revival Failed

    April 8, 2011 by ChordSectorθ

    All attempts to revive this wiki have failed miserably. Though, there is some hope. The Planet Fanon Wiki may grow a little in the future, and once its partner, the Creative Universe Wiki, becomes more popular, the wiki may also rise in popularity. For now, we must focus on creating new pages for this wiki as well as in the Creative Universe Wiki. This wiki shall one day, hopefully, be revived. This may take a long time, though. ◔ChordSectorθ◕ 01:45, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • The Leader

    ShoutWiki Revival

    December 4, 2010 by The Leader

    It appears I turned up too late for the revival. Rodrigo and Dark Halo are gone.

    It look like it's down to me to revive the Wiki.

    First of all, don't bother with contacting old users. Many of them, including me, were from the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, who have moved.

    Their new site is here

    Secondly I can't understand this new skin. I changed my default skin to MonoBook but for everyone else it's annoying.

    We're moving the Wiki to this place.

    Respond to what you think.

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  • ChordSectorθ

    I have been experiencing philosophical disturbances for the past few weeks. They involve concepts regarding evolution, physics, and, more importantly, existentialism. Are any ways of destroying horrendous thoughts known by any humans?

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  • Rodrigo X

    All the efforts to make this wiki come alive again... failed.

    But I was thinking if we could give it a final shot, and call Corai, Dancing Penguin, Zapwire, ChordSectorθ and the rest of the ex-active members back.

    But... I don't know... we've already done that, they promised they would come back and they didn't do aything at all (not all of them).

    So the question remains...

    Will there be light of revival at the end of this dark and dead tunnel?

    I'm not requesting anything, but if someone wants to completely revive this wiki and give it a last chance I will help. But I need voluteers... people that actually want to contribute!

    The revival project would/will(?) be to start working on all remaining main aspects like policies, designs, logos and stuff. …

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  • Dark Halo

    New Policy

    June 18, 2010 by Dark Halo

    Hey guys... I have a new policy proposal. A policy that would help clarify country creators' rights to those creations. The policy will be fully explained in the link below. Planet_Fanon_Wiki:Court_House

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  • Love Monkey 32


    March 25, 2010 by Love Monkey 32

    Attention, fellow Planet Fanon Wiki users.

    My brother Look4Sonic has been banned global all over Wikia, possibly forever, because no date was given.

    If so, then I might edit here, and Look4Sonic will sometimes use this account for special things, like his birthday or Planet Fanon events.

    That is all.

    ~Love Monkey 32 loves you!

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  • ChordSectorθ

    Is it possible that I can be promoted to an administrator? IS IT?

    Salutations, other users of this great wiki. There are some specific concerns that I would like to address at this moment. They involve the future of this wiki, as well as many of the other concerns that this topic implies.

    The contents of this wiki is still in development. Unfortunately, this development has been much slower than first anticipated. The founder of this wiki, and a highly authoritative administrator of which provides his opinions to what this Wiki addresses, Dark Halo, has referred to this exceedingly slow progress as an omen that this wiki is "dying." We must take considerably drastic measures, if possible, to ensure the maximum quality of this wiki so that wh…

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  • DZGuymed

    I'm seeing, that although already very developed, the way Fanon is pictured (populated from people on Earth), this is no longer an alternate reality. When I created it, I intended Earth to be the same Earth that we're on now. Only, we'd re-write the history and everything on it.

    First problem addressed.

    Now, the second problem is that, we don't have a standardized universe, as wikis like the CPFW and others do. We all just make things, a lot of the time off or out of the scope of the intended reality. Also seeing how Xentrica has developed already half of this world, we're running out of ways to make new things. No offense intended to Rodrigo or his followers.

    And probably our worst problem, we're dying down. I no longer see our users editing…

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  • Corai


    February 28, 2010 by Corai

    I have a idea for them aliens!

    Articles about former alien mysterys! We could parady the Aoura Mystery! Have dead alien bodys, ALIEN UFOS!

    This is a vote, if it passes, we can start get writing!

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  • Dancing Penguin

    What is it in Fanon?

    February 28, 2010 by Dancing Penguin

    Just asking, I think the Fanon stuff is happening somewhere in the future, right? Dancing Penguin 21:59, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Dark Halo


    February 27, 2010 by Dark Halo

    I could request a database dump from wikia, then host this wiki elsewhere. If I do, I can re-upload everything we've made, so that I would be able to edit Planet Fanon again without listening to Wikia's rules or having an Uberfuzzy to block me.

    It would cost money, so it's just an idea.

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  • Rodrigo X

    Operation: Save Fanon

    February 27, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    Fanon is being attacked by Antimeds! Humans must defeat them!!!

    Xentrica is the first country to defend Fanon, calling backup from Myrushan!

    Take a role in this roleplay with your county(ies) and stop Antimeds from destroying New Earth!

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  • Rodrigo X

    New favicon.

    February 24, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    It's just to inform that I changed the wiki's favicon. It's the same has the logo. The previous icon was Wikia's default (ugh!).

    If you have a better image, send it here that I can convert to .ico and, if eople like it, put it has the wiki's favicon.

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  • E-114

    Some Site Improvements

    February 23, 2010 by E-114

    Greeting veond' the new. I am V.V-I mean E-114. But to your featured presentation.

    Now, I have some ideas for the site. First, we should ban JPEG. and JPG. images. They look blurrier than they need to be. And there quality is horrible. Next, I think we should have country limits. 3 being the maximum, so we don't take up all the space and so we don't have a billion stubs.

    Now for policies. (Sorry if I'm sounding like some weirdo) We should only allow promotions for those who work hard and are active. We should also not keep on making templates that say that only admins get respect. I think a few templates say "Treat this user with maximum respect", and that makes some users feel bad.

    Sorry if I sound like a political machine or something. I know I…

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  • Zapwire

    Time peroids, evolving

    February 22, 2010 by Zapwire

    It's pretty confusing with time here. I have a solution - Fanon years are 100 years behind Earth times. For example, in Earth, 2007 would be 1907 in Fanon times. This requires a few changes (annotating what times they are, corrections) - but should be simple.

    Also, how can things evolve so quick? I purpose that in the centre of fanon's core, a special element, we'll call Adelium forces the evolution of most creatures, but wears away slower with use.

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  • The Leader


    February 20, 2010 by The Leader

    Zapwire deleted my page about patrols. However we need this.

    For instance we need a Welcoming New Users Patrol.

    I'll continue later

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  • The Leader

    I have an idea; why don't we colonise Alpha Centauri. Say that sometime after the alien war with the martians that we salvaged tech from them including faster then light speed. The Titan Alliance salavaged it and together with the Fanon nations they agree to begin the colonisation of Alpha Centauri. They decide to colonise the solar system around Proxima Centauri. The journey takes four months (if it was light speed it take four years) and Earth's United Nations sets the first colony which they named Centauri. Fanon colonise a nearby planet which they called Proxima Centairi after the star they orbit.

    What ya say?

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  • Rodrigo X

    Xentrica on Rails

    February 19, 2010 by Rodrigo X

    Hey guys.

    I just created a new project: Xentrica on Rails (it parodies a name of a web-framework, Ruby on Rails).

    It is to see how much help I can get in the evolution of my country - Xentrica.

    Well, I want to have my country's page with lots of information and stuff. So I request help from other users here to help me with it! I need more headings there, for example, about all cities (shown in the map).

    If someone is creative enough, could add a section to each city with good information. The cities are:

    • Maintown - Capital
    • Baytown - Second Capital
    • Dritz
    • Small Lands
    • Bigs Lands
    • Inside City
    • Mix Port
    • Tri Section
    • Spring Side

    And it has also a Secret Area, witch is big enough to sustain high-tech military, spaceships, etc.

    Not forgeting about the:

    • Xentric Forest
    • Mix Ba…

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  • The Leader

    Alien Invasion

    February 19, 2010 by The Leader

    Martians have invaded Fanon and Earth. Colonies on Mars and Pluto have been destroyed.

    That could be the story. I have an idea that Martians unite under one army and rebel against the colonists on Mars (they were being treated a second-class citizens). Many people are killed. They then head for Fanon, Pluto, Earth, Europa and Titan (and all places with people living on them). The nations unite to stop them.

    Europa and Titan already have aliens living on them, the Europans and they help the humans. Here is the timeline.

    1940 -- Mars Rebellion.

    1940 -- Fanon Invasion.

    1941 -- Invasion of Earth, Europa and Titan.

    1941 -- The Europeans and the Europans sign treaty stating that they will help each other defeat the Martians. This is called the Titan Alli…

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  • Zapwire

    Minor changes

    February 18, 2010 by Zapwire

    This wiki should be in the creative hub.

    Also, what about Semantic MediaWiki?

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  • Rodrigo X

    Hey guys!

    I need some help with a new template that I created, Country Info Box.

    Could you please make it more complete? I mean, add more fields! I just added the basics.

    Please help!

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  • Dancing Penguin

    Before anyone here gets bored

    • Politics: maybe create political parties, elections and and all.
    • Religion: it's a new world so it could have different religions.
    • Unity: Some sort of United Nations, diplomatic relations, etc.
    • Biology: Creation of new animals species perhaps.

    Dancing Penguin 22:17, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Dancing Penguin

    Is it Earth?

    February 14, 2010 by Dancing Penguin


    There are some things I don't understand on this wiki. Is this supposed to be Earth? If so, why is there no info on the Earth's contries or people? If it's Earth, why is Chi Con in the region where Mexico is? Or, is this another planet? Instead of a Fanon wiki for the Planet is this a new Planet called "Fanon"? (which would make sense, "Plantet Fanon"). If so, why does it look just like Earth? Did humans came and terraformed the planet to the continents look like Earth? Is that why there are islands that don't exist in Earth?

    Please someone explain.

    Dancing Penguin 17:36, February 14, 2010 (UTC)
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  • Corai

    Species Ideas

    February 6, 2010 by Corai

    Since DZ said we can make species n stuff, i will put ideas ehre the fanon can vote on to make!\

    A subspecies of Humans with wings.

    A subspecies of Shark, it has no gills.


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  • DZGuymed

    Might Quit

    February 5, 2010 by DZGuymed

    Seriously. I'm getting really bored here. CPFW is not going anywhere with my reform and things there are too restrictive. Here is just too much roleplay, and not enough articles. Improvement is needed. And we also need more users. I'm going to have am admin election soon. Leave any ideas in the comment section.


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  • DZGuymed

    Wolrd War III

    January 30, 2010 by DZGuymed

    This is a roleplay blog post. Use the comment box to continue the story. This is continuing from where we left off at Corai's Operation:Save Bulsa.

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  • Corai

    Operation: Save Bulsa

    January 24, 2010 by Corai

    This is roleplay, take place in teh EPIC war of Bulsa! Fight with Chi Con and free it! Or battle against and keep it under germen/britian rule...........

    Someone else start, i dont wanna steal your thunder (No crazy stuff either)

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  • E-114

    Hello! It has came to my attention that haveing a Featured Article Of The Week and a Wall Of Fame would spark more edits, countries, islands, items, weaponry, an more. Why? It gives new users something to work for. Wall Of Fame would have users make many things just so they can get a shiny template and there name shown, while Featured Article Of The Week or FAOTW would have many users making articles VHQA to increase there chances. Is my idea WIN or EPIC FAIL?

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