Black Logistics for Robots is a robot manufacturing company based in Mectrixctic. It's part of Black Group with it owning 75% of the company (25% is owned by the Mectrixctic government). They design robots for domestic purposes, for the benefits of the local communities and for military might. Apart from robots they have designed two mechas (the Vanguard S Type, a remake of Robotech's Mecha 720 and the Warrior Mecha) and one is upcoming called the Archer 50 and it's S type version the Archer S Type.

It's original name was Black Cyber Robotics but since request was high and Black Logistics and Warehouses couldn't keep up with the demaned it was renamed Black Logistics for Robots since it ships it's robots and mechas with their own lorries



  • Black S Type (remake)

Community and IndustrialEdit




  • Mechas are only used by the military but simulations are avalible in some stalls and places.