Asmsy is a rare gemstone with considerable value. There only 4 sources of it on the planet Fanon, and the only one in the reach of normal sentient creatures in Chi Con. Two are more than a hundred miles below sea level. The other is in a small area in the island of Amethyst.



The most common, 1000 dollars.


Second rarest, 3000 dollars.


Rarest, worth 8000 dollars.


Plentiful, worth 20 dollars.


Plentiful, worth 40 dollars.

Countrys that use itEdit

Chi ConEdit

A valued commodity in Chi Con, the Asmsy is used in jewelry and lasers, and is traded throughout Fanon. Mining projects take place frequently, and they never seem to be too few in number.


It is rarely used in Amethyst, and it is just found and traded when available, which is not very often due to technical factors. This is because Asmsies are only found on hard-to-reach mountainside places, where it is extremely cold.