Asia, also known as Fanonian Asia, is a continent on the planet Fanon. It is the planet's largest continent and consists of most of the world's countries.


Considering its enormous size, the climate of this continent varies exceedingly from different areas. From the snow-topped cliffs of the Fanon Himalayas to the warm beaches of Fanon's Caspian Sea, the temperatures depend greatly on elevation and closeness to the North axial pole.

Fauna and floraEdit

This continent houses an extremely large variety of habitats that many of the organisms on Fanon have adapted well to. Temperate forests, mountains, deserts, and bodies of water serve as primary examples.

Animals from Planet Earth 1.0 have been brought to planet Fanon after its terraformation, and placed in the correct areas on all the continents that cover the surface. Asia has proven to be a true diverse landscape with an immensely vast variety of plant and animal life evident from even Fanon's satellites. The Earthling animals have evolved considerably through multiple mutations caused by adaptation to living conditions and mutagens contained on the continent.



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