World map displaying the three countries (and the Kapeland archipelago) of Aferga. The northern grey zone is where the Saharan Republic is located. It is also a huge desert.

Aferga is a extremely large bloc of countries. The Afergan Bloc's government controls the entire continent, but rouge countries have conquered all but one country in it. They still technically control the countries though.


Most of the Afergan people live in the Saharan Jungle, which is rich in plant life. The Hishan fruit is a delicious commodity endemic to the area. If Fanon were tilted just a degree more, the Saharan Aferga would be covered nearly completely in desert.

Main Afergan CountriesEdit

Aferga has three countries in its territory.


The largest country of Aferga, situated in south. It has terrorists and villains. Chi Con recently invaded and began conquering it to get rid of the terrorists.


A small country in centre Aferga. It is filled with freshwater and food, it is the richest Afergan country. Xentrica imports and exports some resources from here.


An extremely large Aferga country. Covers most of western Aferga. It has ties with Chi Con and Chingou. It is claimed by Earthlings as part of the European Space Agency territory.

Saharan RepublicEdit

The Saharan Republic takes up all of what is left of Northern Aferga that does not include Aganstan, Yishe, and Jash. The republic deters terrorists and villains from entering the country with strict immigration and tourism policies. Its borders are surrounded with strong walls that can only be broken with nuclear weapons, large lasers, ion blasts, or masers.


Aferga has an archipelago with lots of islands and isles.


Discovered by Mashy To, a Yishener, while exploring the Afergan coast.


There was a country in Aferga, Macorro, that was the center of an epic battle between terrorists and Afergans. The country was taken over by terrorists, but was taken over once more by the Afergans with help from the Chi Con military Now, most of it is located in the Saharan Jungle. The main Afergan countries were formed in Macorro's place, and the Macorroans now live in the Saharan Republic.


  • It has two names, Aferga, and Africa, although Aferga is more frequently used to distinguish it from the Africa of Earth 1.0.
  • There is a main power by the name of name of Aferga that rules the entire continent.
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